Do you work with people who hoard?

Do you work with people who hoard?

Do you work with people who hoard?Do you work with people who hoard?Do you work with people who hoard?

About the Greater houston hoarding task force & Network


About our founder

Ann Zanon is a Certified Professional Organizer® and Hoarding Remediation Specialist with over 9 years experience,  located in Houston, Texas. She provides compassionate hoarding help with the goals of creating a safe and pleasant home environment where chaos has once resided. She prefers to work collaboratively with others who specialized in helping people with hoarding behaviors.


Our Mission


Our goal is to provide support, training, and consultation to Houston area agencies, departments, clinics, and individuals who are committed to helping those impacted by hoarding. Our vision is to help implement true multidisciplinary and compassionate approaches that make a real impact in improving the health and safety of our community members.

Founded August, 2018


Get involved

The Houston Hoarding Task Force  and Network is open to anyone with an interest in hoarding, including, but not limited to professionals, families, neighbors, first responders, and people who identify as having hoarding behaviors. We believe in community collaboration for those who hoard.

Did you miss the Houston Educational Conference on Hoarding?



did you miss it?


The room was buzzing with people making connections!



did you miss it?


Cory Chalmers, from the A&E show "Hoarders" 

spoke about the latest information about hoarding, the symptoms (it's not just about the stuff!), how to help and how to keep yourself safe in a hoarding environment.


did you miss it?

did you miss it?

did you miss it?

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First responders (police, fire, paramedics), social workers, therapists, professional organizers, medical professionals, code enforcement officers, animal control officers, families/friends/neighbors of hoarding individuals, and people with hoarding behaviors.

Fantastic reviews of our first Houston conference!


Adam Reynolds, Houston SPCA

Holly Davies, CERT Team leader

Adam Reynolds, Houston SPCA

Adam Reynolds, Chief Investigator

 from the 

Houston SPCA gave a passionate and heart-wrenching talk

 animal hoarding.


Ann Zanon, CPO®

Holly Davies, CERT Team leader

Adam Reynolds, Houston SPCA

Ann Zanon, Certified Professional Organizer®

spoke about how hoarding affects more than just the person who hoards. 

(families, neighbors, first responders and more)


Holly Davies, CERT Team leader

Holly Davies, CERT Team leader

Holly Davies, CERT Team leader

Holly Davies gave wonderful information on how local CERT teams can be involved in helping with hoarding 


Rave reviews of our first conference

From C. S.

From C. S.

From C. S.


Great Conference!


From J. O.

From C. S.

From C. S.


This was AWESOME, so enjoyed and learnt from this!

From M. F.

From C. S.

From M. F.


Great informative conference!  I had no idea what to expect and got a lot of answers to questions I didn't even know I had. 

From M. D.

From M. D.

From M. F.


I'd love to be involved however you might need it. I'd love to figure out how to better connect resources. 

From O. G.

From M. D.

From O. G.


Pls keep me posted on the task force development. Great 1st conference.

From S. K.

From M. D.

From O. G.


Put me to work!  Would love to help w/task force/create standards w/ other departments for Houston area hoarders. We can do it!  P.S. Great conference!  


Professional Listing at Houston hoarding network


Do you work with people with hoarding behaviors?

All those who attend our full-day conference will have the opportunity to be listed on this site as a area providers of hoarding related services.  Please message us for more information.


Hoarding Help Local Resources

Do you or a loved one need support with a hoarding situation?  

Professional Organizers:

A2Z Organizing Solutions


Peace of Mind Foundation

Christen Sistrunk

Eddins Counseling Group

Rapid Clean Up/Clean Out: 

Spaulding Decon


Animal Hoarding

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